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Invest Today in the oil and gas sector

Direct ownership in an oil and gas program lets you share directly in the revenue without the overhead of an energy company.

make up to $5000 weekly on REIT and $3000 weekly on reig

REIT – Real Estate Investment Trust

REIG – Real Estate Investment Group

enquire for a personal loan with balt, borrow up to $99,000,000

We pride ourselves in our ability to connect investors with rated personal loan options in the market. Enquire/request today to see what options we have for you.


Our company offer you safe investment with comprehensive coverage from Friz insurance. Thus coverage secures offers 96% capital security and 61% profit security which would be totally refunded if company should invite any sort of loss

Simple pricing

What you see is what you get no hidden charge. No additional fees or pool fees. You don’t have to pay any additional fee apart from what you originally invested and our input and output system is always reliable and delivers with easy deposit as well as easy withdrawal.

Balt Petroleum

Our purpose is to supply our investors opportunities previously available to only the largest corporate energy companies

Join partnership program

Become Partner

As a partner you get 100% Balt funding of $300,000 to $1,000,000 annually to act as a agent or representative or Balt investment in your locality followed by more options

Who we are and what we offer

Balt with its diversified streak of income has been designated to generate profit for its investors and loan applicants, this income are solely generated form

Get professional investment management with our low-cost robo advisor solutions

From complex wealth management to your retirement needs, we can help you with financial planning.

Funding for project with split partnership


Profit is duly paid to our investor by channel of there chosen


Discretionary Investment Management

Loan application of up to $99,000,000 with less interest.

Real estate ownership for investors.

Ultimate performance

Financial engineering expertise

100% uptime guarantee

Tax is deducted and does not affect profit.


Equity Mutual Funds

Equity mutual funds predominantly invest in equity stocks. As per current Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) Mutual Fund Regulations, an equity mutual fund scheme must invest at least 65 percent of its assets in equities and equity-related instruments. An equity fund can be actively managed or passively managed.

Direct Equity

Investing in stocks may not be everyone’s cup of tea as it’s a volatile asset class and there is no guarantee of returns. Further, not only is it difficult to pick the right stock, timing your entry and exit is also not easy. The only silver lining is that over long periods, equity has been able to deliver higher than inflation-adjusted returns compared to all other asset classes.

Get Started

Starting your investment journey with us is self explanatory and as easy as ever. for more enquiries or difficulties please make sure to contact us for assistance.


Simply Fill The Form Provided When You Click The Sign Up Button And The Far Right Top Corner Of The Site Page.


Choose Which Of The Balt Services You Intend To Indulge In And Select The Package That Suits You. Balt Investment Offer Flexible Plan Making It Easy To Choose Over 3 Services At These Time.

03. EARN

Each Of This Services Is Designed To Benefit Both Our Partners And Investors And Also Generate Funds To Expand The Company To Various Continents Accepts The Word. While Doing This With A Totally Secured And Insured Investment.


Balt Investment Allow Its Profit To Be Withdrawn With Channels Chosen By Its Investors. Such As Bank Wire Transfer, Card Payment, PayPal, Cyptocurrency, Over Draft, Money Order Etc


MARCH 2005

Successfully started operating all over Europe and beyond providing quality services to individuals who want their money managed by our team of experts. Announced improvement in returns and a consecutive increase in a space of three weeks.


Started managing millions per individual and amounted to having 10,000 clients all invested and getting paid pensively or long term purposes.


Successfully starts investing in all profitable commodities including stocks and assets. 1 Million BOE produced.

MAY 2014

Started managing millions per individual and amounted to having 10,000 clients all invested and getting paid pensively or long term purposes.


Started managing millions per individual and amounted to having 10,000 clients all invested and getting paid pensively or long term purposes.

MAY 2017

A major breakthrough in representing client in the financial world BALT Lunches one of the largest mining pools and starts mining for individuals who invest in their system with their Coins to earn more exponentially.

Balt Financial Holdings


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Company Number: LP015749

Company address: –  Forum 3 Solent Business Park, Parkway South, whiteley, Fareham, Hampshire, England, PO15 7FH

Accounts are Insured by Frizz Insurance




The income of our company grows every year, and will grow hereinafter with the increase of the demand for the cryptocurrencies and increasing its cost price. Through the long period of working, we proved our high level and have won the trust of our partners, earned a good reputation. We have created the structure with efficiency, that not many people can boast about.
The Company is striving to create the most comfortable conditions for our clients and ensures the quality of work of our entire team. We take pains by all means to improve the lives of each our client, for the welfare of our customers – it’s the most important.

All data which are collected and/or can be collected by the company are carefully protected from a possibility of a taking by them with the third parties. Modern systems of transmitted data encryption, and also the technologies, which are for this purpose used counteracting DDoS-attacks, hacker programs and viruses.

BALT Investment can contact you by e-mail at any time to provide you information on market tendencies of modern process of investment and/or to inform you about new marketing materials, materials focused on training and education also. Besides, company can send you letter with a request to estimate of the services level, provided of the BALT Investment. Being registered on our website, you give not revocable public consent to accept these letters to the e-mail address which you have specified at registration.